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Conservatory roof cleaning

Conservatory roof cleaning

Many window cleaners avoid cleaning conservatories at all costs, which is why it is possible to find cleaning companies which only clean conservatory roofs.

Our conservatory cleaning is carried out to the same high standard as all of our work. Gone are the days of having to find two separate companies to clean your windows and your conservatory roof.

Conservatory roofs are cleaned on demand and are not included in your regular window cleaning quoted price. Due to the amount of work involved, these are cleaned on request and charged separately, although the rest of your conservatory windows and doors are included as part of your regular clean.

Conservatory roof cleaning in action

View the satisfying results of our conservatory cleaning services in this video.

conservatory roof cleaning

Deep cleaned conservatories

Typical conservatory roof cleaning services often only clean the surface of the roof, leaving the gutters and edges neglected. Our conservatory roof cleaning service uses specialised equipment to clean every part of the roof, including the hard-to-reach areas. Our comprehensive approach leaves your conservatory looking pristine, allowing the light to flood back in.

Safe and ladder-free

Conservatories are cleaned using the same water-fed pole system we use for cleaning your exterior windows and frames.

Ladder-free operation means the job is carried out safely and securely at all times.

Pure Water Technology

We use specialised cleaning apparatus consisting of a water-fed pole topped with a soft bristle brush fed by ultra pure deionised water from a holding tank and filtration system contained in our professionally equipped van. Traditional window cleaners use detergents which leave dirt-attracting residue on windows, which means windows need to be cleaned twice as often.

Deionised pure water technology uses no harmful chemicals which makes it 100% safe for you, your plants and pets and the environment. It also means there are no soapy residues left behind to attract dust and other environmental pollutants. These can potentially damage your windows and frames. Ultra Pure DI Cleaning Technology ensures your windows and frames stay cleaner for longer, Saving you money with a shine you can be proud of.

Areas we cover

Based in the heart of Hampshire, Neptune cover the entire county and beyond. Our expert team know what matters to you; punctuality and great service. It’s why we’re trusted by over 6,000 homes and businesses.

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Conservatory testimonial


“This should be a well-kept secret but credit where credit is due…Stumbled across Jamie by chance today whilst he was working at a neighbour’s house. What a lovely guy!

Fantastic job done, great customer service & very knowledgeable. So nice to meet someone that has such pride in their work. Thank you Jamie, our home looks lovely. We look forward to seeing you again in 8 weeks!”

Karen Burnham