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Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Caring for your investment in renewable energy

If you have made a substantial investment in solar heating or photo voltaic solar energy panels to lessen your environmental impact or to take advantage of Government funded 'feed in' tariffs, it makes sense to maximise your investment and keep them clean, ensuring that they are always operating at maximum efficiency.


Make hay while the sun shines

We are lucky here on the South Coast to live in one of the sunniest spots in the UK but even we need to make the most of the available sunshine, The more efficient your solar panels are, the quicker you will recoup your investment and the less of an impact you will have on our environment.


Prolong the life of your solar panels

As the life expectancy of solar panels is 25-30 years, it is no surprise that cumulative loss in energy output can be substantial over the life of your product, with only a small percentage drop in efficiency. Regular cleaning may not only ensure that you gain the best possible return from your renewable energy installation but will also prolong the working life of your power generation and solar water heating equipment.


Factors affecting efficient operation of solar panels

Just how dirty your panels will get and how often they will require cleaning depends on a number physical and environmental factors.

Physical design and installation factors relative to the manufacture and siting of your panels such as the pitch of your roof and materials used and treatments applied will affect how much dust and dirt accumulate on your panels.

The dust and dirt which accumulates on your panels, negatively affecting their operation, comes from airborne pollutants which include pollution from construction, industry, transport and farming. Nature and the environment can also contribute with tree sap, pollen, leaves, mosses, algae and bird droppings. In coastal regions, there is the added problem of the build up of corrosive salt crystals on your equipment.


Professional cleaning which cares for your assets and the environment as much as you do

Neptune recommends that you clean your solar panels seasonally to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. We use a long reach pole system with soft brushes which will not damage or scratch your panels, and the powerful cleaning ability of environmentally friendly 100% pure water. In most situations, we can clean panels without the use of ladders which means there is no risk to your roof or solar installation.


Chemical free

As with our window cleaning, no chemicals are used which means your panels solar panels will stay cleaner for longer with no soap or detergent residues to attract dirt.

Even 'maintenance free' panels can benefit from regular maintenance cleans. Our professional cleaning system removes the dust and dirt which collects in the corners of panel frames as well as effectively removing the dirt which is not easily washed away with rainwater such as tree sap and bird droppings.