Is my conservatory roof cleaned?

No, this is cleaned on demand and is quoted for separately and is not included in your quote for regular window cleaning.

How do I pay if we are not home?

We place a calling card invoice through your letterbox on the cleaning day. It may not always be obvious that we have been as your windows and frames will always be in tip top condition with our service. Customers can conveniently pay on line via Go Cardless on our website, via BACS and Standing Order with your bank. Customers who pay via Standing Order receive an extra £1.00 discount. Please use your house number, street and postcode as payment reference. You may also pay by cheque, either by post or to the operator (please write your address on the reverse of cheques), or cash to the operator on the day. Bank Account Details for BACS & Standing Orders: Sort Code: 20-79-29 Account number: 00232297.

For an easier way to pay via our website, visit our Go Cardless page.

How do I set up a standing order?

Please pay your first bill by either cash, cheque or bank transfer and then set up a monthly standing order (fiscal month, every 28 days) for half the total amount of your usual clean.

Many banks do not have the facility on a standing order for payments every 8 weeks, so the payment has to be split into two equal payments which works out to 50% every 4 weeks.

How do you clean without soaps or detergent?

We use ultra pure water produced by removing all the impurities from tap water in a four-stage deionising filtration system. Pure water has a slightly acidic PH which readily absorbs the environmental dust and dirt which accumulate on your windows and frames.

We also used specialised poles and cleaning brushes designed for safe, ladder free working, and effective cleaning. Chemical free cleaning also means it is completely safe for plants and pets and the ladder free operation offers increased privacy and there is no compaction damage to lawns or flower beds.

My traditional cleaner used to clean once a month, why do you only clean every second month but claim better value?

Chemical free cleaning means that there are no soapy residues left behind which readily attract dirt, ensuring that windows stay cleaner for longer. Unlike traditional window cleaning, we also clean window frames every time at no extra cost, ensuring your house looks fantastic all year round.

Do you always service on a regular day?

We cannot guarantee that you will be cleaned on exactly the same day of the week every clean, but we do offer a SMS notification service for people who require it.

Why were my windows still wet when you left?

One of the secrets of this system is the final rinse. This removes any pollutants which may dislodged from the tiny gaps between the window frame and sealed units. The final stage of the filtration takes place as we pump the pure deionised water from holding tanks in our van through resin filters into the hoses which feed our cleaning poles, ensuring that this water is as pure as it practically can be. The water droplets left on the window will be 100% pure and will dry completely clear. Using a cloth or squeegee to dry windows would only result in contaminating the clean surfaces with smears and blemishes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have a high retention rate of customers. Neptune Window Cleaning will give you the cleanest windows and frames you have ever had!

Do you clean my windows when its raining?

Unlike traditional window cleaning, there are no soapy residues left on your windows after they have been cleaned to be dissolved by the pure rainwater and cause spotting or streaking. Rainwater is nearly as pure as our 5 stage filtered, deionised pure water, will also dry perfectly clear without spotting. This means we work all year round apart from in the most extreme of weathers when it would be unsafe to work.

This means you get unrivaled reliability and service, and windows and frames which are always clean.

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“This should be a well-kept secret but credit where credit is due…Stumbled across Jamie by chance today whilst he was working at a neighbour’s house. What a lovely guy!

Fantastic job done, great customer service & very knowledgeable. So nice to meet someone that has such pride in their work. Thank you Jamie, our home looks lovely. We look forward to seeing you again in 8 weeks!”

Karen Burnham