The ion-exchange filtration system

Deionised Water

Pure Water Cleaning Technology - The chemical free cleaning solution kind to your assets and to the environment.

Deionised water is the principle product that Neptune Window cleaning uses to ensure that your windows, frames, signs and awnings are perfectly cleaned. Almost any architectural surface or finish can be cleaned without chemicals. No chemicals means no residues are left behind to attract dirt or stain specialist finishes. Surfaces stay cleaner for longer.



We take normal tap water and purify it by removing all of the organic compounds and dissolved minerals usually present in tap water through a multi-stage process which includes filtration, reverse osmosis, (RO) and deionsation (DI), to produce water which is close to 100% pure.


Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters removes the larger organic compounds and sediment from the mains tap water. Organic material and chemicals such as chlorine present in mains water can drastically reduce the life of the resin ion-exchange filters so it makes sense to remove them. Activated carbon filters are highly effective at filtering out these substances.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing a solute through a semi-permeable membrane using pressure greater than the natural osmotic pressure, which in this case allows the solvent (water) to pass through the membrane whilst retaining the solute (minerals and calcium) to be rinsed away with waste water.


Deionising Resin Filter

This final stage of the filtration process is attained by a chemical reaction which is in fact extremely environmentally friendly as the process only involves substances which are already occurring in water. Ion exchange resin filters contain polymers which are able to exchange particular ions within the polymer with ions in a solution that is passed through them. This ion exchange process removes the calcium and minerals from the water even more effectively than can be attained through distillation.


Pure water as a cleaning solution

The moment the deionised pure water is produced, its natural tendency is once again attain a state of chemical equilibrium by reabsorbing the minerals and pollutants removed through the purification process. This is the process we exploit to make pure water such an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. When used with our water-fed pole system for an application such as window cleaning, the deionised water readily absorbs the minerals and dust deposited through weather and pollution.