Front elevation of B&Q Head Office with two Neptune Window Cleaning vans in operation with window cleaner working from a scissor lift platform.

Commercial Window Cleaning

When Presentation Matters

Neptune Window Cleaning offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services. Our professional window cleaning service utilises both water-fed pole and traditional window cleaning, ensuring your premises remain in tip top condition to always give the right impression.

Advantages of Water-Fed Pole Cleaning Systems

Deionised Pure Water Technology

We use 100% pure water in our carbon fibre water-fed pole cleaning systems. Pure water with all the minerals removed (deionised) is a powerful cleaning agent.

The PH of pure water is mildly acidic. People have been taking advantage of the acidic properties of substances such as lemon juice and vinegar as cleaning agents long before commercial cleaning products were available.

Pure water has the added advantage of being chemical and residue free ensuring that it always dries to a perfect streak free finish and will not stain specialist architectural finishes. Unlike other natural and chemical cleaners, it is also odour free.

Pure Water readily cuts through grime deposited on your windows and architectural surfaces, deposited by the weather, pollution and nature. For a more detailed explanation of how we produce 100% pure water please see our Deionised Pure Water Cleaning Technology page.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Power

As a chemical free cleaning agent, deionised water is completely safe to the environment, plants people and animals. No chemicals are used in its production or application.

ISO14001 Compliance

Red Funnel Ferries were one of the first ferry companies in Europe to achieve ISO14001 which is the International Standards certificate aimed at helping companies in continually improving their environmental performance, whilst complying with any applicable legislation. The use of Neptune Window Cleaning's environmentally friendly cleaning services supported this achievement.

Ladder Free Operation

The water-fed pole system makes the use of ladders in most situations redundant, improving safety, increasing privacy and lessening disruption. There is also no damage to landscaped areas such as lawns and flower beds through compaction normally associated ladder use.

Frames Cleaned

Traditional window cleaning methods only clean the surface of the window, window frames are left untouched. With our water-fed pole cleaning system, frames are cleaned every time at no extra cost to you, resulting in a finish that not only looks better but could also help increase the life span of window frames by removing corrosive pollutants, ultimately reducing your maintenance costs.

Increased Efficiency Means You Save

As a more efficient method of working, the cost savings are realised by you, the customer. Ladder free working can reduce the time it takes to complete a job by 50% or more, minimising any disruption to your day.

Who To Contact

Contact Rob Telling, Operational Director, Neptune Window Cleaning Group, commercial division, to arrange a meeting and site survey. Manage your cleaning contracts efficiently and easily.

Our Services

We don't just clean windows, our comprehensive list of services include:-

  • Window Cleaning
  • Solar/PV Panel Cleaning
  • Block Service Management for Commercial & Social Landlords
  • Fascia & Guttering Frame Cleaning
  • Building Wash Downs
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Store Front & Signage Cleaning
  • Jet Washing
  • General Cleaning & Corridor Cleaning