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Patio cleaning

Patio cleaning

Bring your patio back to life with our thorough patio cleaning service. Whether your patio is for staff or customers, cleanliness is always called for. Our rigorous patio cleaning service is the solution.

We use a combination of high heat and low pressure to clean your patio. This ensures a deep and efficient clean, but one that never causes unnecessary damage to your grouting or pointing.

Patio cleaning

Cleaner for longer

Cleaning your patio is not just about maintaining a professional appearance. It’s also about long-term protection. Our high heat cleaning process also clears algae and black spots, biological issues that can otherwise reduce the lifespan of your patio.

Pressure washing

For the truly challenging areas, we offer pressure washing services for your patio. This breaks up thick areas of moss and mud that could not be removed by other means. Our expert team ensure that all cleans are performed to the highest standard.

Areas we cover

Neptune offers a nationwide service. Our expert team know what matters to you; punctuality and great service. It’s why we’re trusted by over 6,000 homes and businesses.

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